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It has come to our attention that Facebook, social media and the news are reporting that the 2nd batch of Covid vaccinations are not going ahead.  We can assure you that this is NOT the case and the vaccines WILL be given at the Pirelli Stadium on the date that you were give when you had your first vaccine as promised.  We will see you there.

NEW Covid-19 Information

When visiting the surgery

We need your help!

Dear Patients

Our staff need a little help.  They have been calling people who have booked appointments before we have had to make changes rapidly over the week.  Unfortunately, many phone numbers we have on record are incorrect and our staff are unable to contact and change appointments.

If you have changed your phone number and not updated the surgery, please email with your name, address, date of birth and your up to date phone number including any children whose records may also need updating.

If you did have an appointment to see a doctor or nurse practitioner, then this is cancelled unless you have called the surgery and you have been triaged.  At this time, we are offering telephone consultations for all aspects of your health and wellbeing thus providing a protective service for all parties.

Finally, please get this message out to anyone you know who is registered to the practice, especially those who may not have access to the internet.

Everyone at Peel Croft Surgery would like to take this opportunity to thank all patients for their co-operation and continued support in what is for all of us, unprecidented times.

Extended Hours

Following a National Government initiative from 1st September 2018 extra appointments will be offered across the whole of East Staffordshire, including evening and weekend appointments. Additionally a new on line digital service will be available on Sunday mornings where appointments will be offered with a GP via the Q Doctor App. Posters will be available in the surgery shortly; please click on this link for further details

All practices across East Staffordshire are participating in this extended access. For further information please contact the surgery reception.

Online Triage

We now have a service available on the home page of our website for you to be able to triage any concerns that you may have. On this service, you can access a wealth of knowledge about your symptoms and/or problems, answer some questions and it will point you in the right direction as to whether you need to see a GP, a pharmacist or if you need emergency assistant, or fill in a form to contact the surgery.


If you have been involved in any of the research groups, please help by clicking on the link below

Participant Reserach Experience Survey







NHS Health Checks

Unfortunately, NHS Healthchecks for patients between 40-74 will no longer be available at the surgery from March 31st. This is due to changes in the way this service is delivered by Staffordshire County Council. Patients with specific concerns should book to see a doctor or nurse in the usual way. For general healthy living advice and guidance there are useful links on the NHS Choices Website: click on the following link:


Please note that due to recent changes in legislation, the doctors are unable to sign passport applications. A list of who is eligible to sign can be obtained from reception.

Patient Choice Scheme and Out of Area Registrations

The Patient Choice Scheme will allow GP practices to register new patients who live outside the practice area, without any obligation to provide home visits or out of house services when the patient is unable to attend their registered practice. The scheme also allows patients who are currently registered with the practice, but move out of the area, to re-register as an out of area patient, and with the practice not having home visiting obligations. This is a pilot scheme at the moment being trialed in some areas. Peel Croft Surgery would like to make it clear that we are NOT participating in this scheme at the present time.

Dementia Friends

Here at Peel Croft Surgery, we are dementia friends. We have done a course learning and understanding about dementia and its effects on not only the person but the people around that person. From helping someone to find the right bus to spreading the word about dementia, every action counts. You could:-

  • Spend more time with friends and relatives who are living with dementia
  • Encourage your friends and colleagues to become Dementia Friends
  • Train as a Dementia Friends Champion
  • Volunteer for a local organisation helping people with dementia via your local volunteer centre, or Alzheimer's Society
  • Fundraise for a local dementia charity or Alzheimer's Society


  • It's not a natural part of aging
  • It's caused by diseases of the brain. The most common of these is Alzheimer's
  • It's not just about losing your memory - it can affect thinking, communicating and doing everyday tasks
  • It's possible to live well with dementia
  • There's more to a person than dementia

With support, people with dementia can and do take an active role in life. You can find out more:



COVID-19 has affected the lives of everybody with the UK and the rest of the world.  Finding safe and effective treatments has been the drive of reasearchers at the University of Oxford and right now, you have an opportunity to help.  PRINCIPLE is a national priority trial to find treatments for COVID-19.  We are looking for volunteers aged 65 and over, OR aged between 50 and 64 with an underlying health condition.

To be eligible to take part, you must be unwell with Covid-19 symptoms and have had them for less than 14 days.  No face to face visits are needed.

Please hel us fight COVID-19 by visiting our website